​Security guard course.

We prepare our students to write and PASS the Ontario Security Guard Test as required by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, in order to acquire the mandatory Security Guard License.

Thousands of students have already experienced the convenience and flexibility the online security guard training program has to offer.

We offer the 40 Hour Mandatory Security Guard Training Program designed to teach you the skills you need to get started toward a new money making career. All of our training materials are developed by industry experts and delivered directly to your home. 

The course fee is 129.99

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G.I.A  Private Investigation program will teach you every important part of being a PI. In fact, our course could prepare you to begin your career in as little as 2 months. You'll explore the basics of conducting an investigation including: types of investigations, the crime and security background, interviewing and interrogating and much more. Start your private investigation program anytime and study at your own pace.

Private investigator training

Security guard training

Private investigator course.

This course contains 8 core modules as prescribed by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Introduction to the Private Investigation Industry 
The Private Security and Investigative Services Act 
Provincial and Federal Statutes 
Criminal and Civil Law 
Investigative techniques 
Principles of Ethical Reasoning/Decision-making 
Key Principles of Communication and Interaction 
Self-Management Skills

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to take the Private Investigators  Exam.  We will register you with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and then provide you with your Training Completion Licence number.  

The Course Fee is $199.00

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